You shop with us. You earn HorsePlay Reward Points. Redeem these points against schooling sessions, rides out, training and much more!

For every €1 you spend in the shop, you’ll earn 1 HorsePlay Reward Point. 400 points saved equates to €20 towards the HorsePlay Rewards featured below!

It’s early days in the HorsePlay reward programme and we’ll be adding more and more reward offers on an ongoing basis, so keep saving and check back regularly for more great offers. If you’re an equestrian business and are looking for us to help promote what you offer, please do get in touch! It’s currently complete free to participate in the HorsePlay reward programme and we are committed to working hard to telling Irish horse owners about YOUR business.

Each HorsePlay customer is only able to receive one of each particular HorsePlay reward. But as the number of rewards we offer grows, you’ll have more and more to choose from!

No products were found matching your selection.

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