Glen the Squirrel

This isn’t a horsey story, but it’s so cute we had to share it! A very young squirrel fell from a tree and this marked the start of a most unusual relationship. A woman found the squirrel and its sister lying on the ground. They had fallen a...

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Horsey banter, the funniest equine jokes!

My riding instructor said to me during my lesson, “Your horse is suffering from Equine Thrombosis”. I was puzzled so I asked, “What causes that?” He replied very dryly, “It’s caused by a clot in the saddle!” A man has a racehorse who never w...

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The funniest horsey videos

How to get on your pony You can’t not smile at this Running free, what a site! Buckets of fun! Le Prestige de Hus watch out, Luna the cow is hot on your heels! What a cheeky little sod! The sweetest thing… Hilarious animal antics The funniest ...

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