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Accommodation Solutions

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Mi-container conversion is a business that prides itself on providing top quality living, working or recreational accommodation by up-cycling new or used shipping containers, depending on your budget.
Just some of our projects include
• living accommodation for jockeys, farmhands, casual workers, construction workers and self-build customers
• bunkhouses for casual or seasonal workers/staff/customers sleeping from 4 to 12 depending on layout
• offices for home businesses, farms or construction yards

There are several benefits to buying a container conversion to accommodate staff or visitors.

If you are currently using your own property to house workers, it may be worth considering letting your property to generate an income and renting a container conversion to those employees instead. Their rent will pay for the container in no time and then it will become another source of income.

The conversions can be placed wherever is convenient, cutting down on travelling time for employees.

Each container conversion is built to meet the specific requirements of our customers. Therefore you are not constrained by the fixed layout of a mobile home or caravan and can choose how the space is utilised.

The insulation is superior to virtually anything else on the market. We incorporate three layers. Firstly a spray foam coating to prevent damp, mould and condensation from forming. Secondly a layer of 4 inch earth wool that almost doubles the insulation rating and provides significant noise reduction. Lastly, foil-backed plasterboard that provides further insulation and noise reduction. This is well in excess of requirements for standard homes and it means that heating costs are extremely low.

The containers are constructed of heavy-duty, 16-gauge steel. They are extremely strong and durable, able to withstand all types of weather conditions. They are much more solid than mobiles or caravans and due to the rust proof coating, followed by heat reflecting paint will require no maintenance for many years.

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