There is a familiar notion of the smart home where devices are connected to smartphones and tablets via the Internet of Things. It went something like this – instead of getting home and turning the heating on, the lights on, opening the garage door, and preheating the oven, you do it before you leave work via your phone.

But what if you own horses? Well, smart pet technology is on the rise and this is including horses. The great thing about technological developments is each industry sees if it applies to them, and in the realm of horse safety and provision, it does.

Horse security and monitoring

The most important field of smart technology for horse owners is security and equine monitoring. A combination of sensors, smart doors, horse monitors, and cameras, will allow you to know where your horse is, to see them and how they are, and to observe your property in general. You can set this tech to notify you of doors or gates being opened or if motion detectors notice something. Camera feeds can be directly linked to your smartphone so you can control all of this no matter where you are.

Automated feeding

One of the big problems of being away from home – even if its being at work, is feeding schedules. The easiest solution is to pile up the food and leave, but that can create bad pet feeding habits. Automated feeders can be employed to dispense the right kinds of food at specific times. This could be applied to horses too.

Smart fences and doors

This one is a bit more speculative. Smart home tech for dogs and cats has created smart doors, flaps, and fences. These are partly related to the movement of your pet through the house and partly related to home security. Doors can unlock and open when a pet is close to them, allowing the pet through. They can also control when and where pets are allowed, and when they are allowed outside. How this relates to horses is unknown, but could be utilized for horses who are grazing in the field and how they interact between field and stable.

It’s not all remote technology either

There is also great potential for smart technology in other areas of the equine world. There are now apps for horse fitness – the Fitbit for horses as it were. This could be combined with AI driven training programs including virtual reality simulations. Smart rugs can also be used now to monitor horse sweat and temperature levels. Finally, yard management tools are making horse care in general more efficient.

Smart tech won’t solve everything

Having a smart home and smart stables, and so on will not solve all your horse issues. You will still need to groom and look after your horse properly in a hands on fashion, and yes, you will still have to muck out the stable. There’s no smart tech for that yet.