Horse Betting in Ireland: Crowds have fallen 8.8%

Horse betting is a form of gambling or betting that people have been enjoying ever since the industry started back in the 17th century. The success of betting lies in the fact that it is simple, so easy to understand and not-too-overwhelming for newcomers.  Also, for the owner who runs the place, horse betting is probably one of the easiest to implement rather than something like full fleshed-out Poker games or Blackjack. 

The report of the 8.8 percent drop comes from the chief executive of the association of horse racing in Ireland, together with other experts to crunch the numbers. Some argue that the numbers are inaccurate and are closer to 11%, although there isn’t conclusive data on that. 

Drop could be caused by online horse betting

As we are seeing in casinos and other forms of regulated gambling their online counterparts are often the driving force behind bad or dropped performances of these places. Although it’s not always a bad thing. Since a lot of online casinos or betting providers are owned by the same companies that run the locations. 

Since online services run almost fully automated, they can cut a lot of costs. They don’t have to pay the staff, for instance. Because of the lower operational cost, what internet wagering services often do is give out bonuses and set up deals for their users. So, check out and snoop the best deals via online horse betting sites to score some free bets

Something that horse racing and betting is also known for is their competitions and contests. Something that you sadly don’t find online, fun and entertaining competitions like you saw with the Unique ‘Lady of the Curragh’ Best Dressed contest.

What exactly does this mean for horse betting? 

The horse betting attendance has dropped 8.8% in Ireland alone. However, the experts and racecourses say there is no need to worry. In Britain the attendance has dropped 17% for example. The chief executive from Ireland’s 26 courses says there is no need to worry about this drop and that it was almost expected. However, with that said, for Paddy Walsh, the executive of the association of Irish horseracing, the drop is “a slight cause for concern but not a major worry at this stage”.

So, in the end, the attendance has indeed dropped quite a bit, but if you are involved in the world of horse betting or racing you might not really have the impression that the attendance dropped over the years. 

Walsh added: “HRI is funding a good advertising campaign at the moment to get people back to racing, while individual racecourses are stepping up in terms of their own initiatives. Hopefully we’ll be able to turn that statistic around and be looking at something more positive by the end of the year.”

Comfort and entertainment

A thing horse betting is arguably the best known for is the level of comfort and luxury it brings. For example, horse racing courses or organisations will often organise dinners or galas for their players/customers. This is, of course, impossible to do with an online provider. So, some people might find this the argument why traditional horse betting on a location is better than online or through an agent. 

That said, the option of playing online from your own home can, at times, be more comfortable than going out for almost a full day to the course. In all honesty horse betting has come a long way. Developers of these websites or online betting places are constantly working and updating these sites to make them better and make the user-experience the best they can.