Horse mad? Have the wedding you’ve always dreamed of

Girls, horses, flowing white gowns and lifelong commitment…they’re the things that dreams are made of. And one innovative new company looks set to make a business out of making those dreams come true.

The Pegasus Wedding Company offers a truly unique service, where you can show your absolute dedication to the equine in your life, with a full wedding ceremony, vows, witnesses – the whole nine-yards.

Crystal Chandelier, the brains behind this new service comments “There are an increasing number of women in Ireland who have given up in the search for the perfect man, realising that such a being simply does not exist. And their horses, quite rightly, take up the reins instead. We want to allow women (and possibly even men in the future) the opportunity to express their love and commitment for their horse in front of their family and friends and clearly state – 4 legs, a tail and headcollar is all I need.”

While not yet formally recognised by the state, with the declining marriage rate in Ireland the government may eventually be forced to recognise such new family units.

Whether you keep your own name, go double barrelled or take the name of your new life partner, this new service really does look set to bring the concept of ‘horsey husband’ to a whole new level.

April Fools! 😀  Though we really do like this idea…!


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