Paddy Power’s Founder and History Of The Bookmaker

Paddy Power is famous in all of the UK despite being an Ireland-based gaming company. The company conducts its business activities through a host of licensed betting shops in Ireland and the United Kingdom. Paddy Power transcends to the Internet, offering online games in sports betting, poker, and casino. A recent Paddy Power sportsbook review rates it as one of the best betting sites in the UK. Also, Paddy Power is the largest bookmaker in Ireland and ranks 6th in the list of largest gaming companies in the United Kingdom.

History of Paddy Power

In 1988, Stewart John, David Power, and John Corcoran, merged to create Paddy Power. This merger happened when small independent bookmakers were getting wiped out by the more prominent brands. The three bookmakers decided to bring all their 40 physical betting shops together to become a major brand.

At the time, David Power was the most powerful and well-known among the three, and as such, it was only logical to retain the name. Coupled with the green colour that represents their brand. Together, they coined Paddy Power.

Paddy Power gradually wormed its way into people’s hearts through excellent customer service. Being a relatively small establishment back then, that was the only way they could compete with bigger brands, and it certainly worked. Also, Paddy Power ensured that it stayed true to its Irish roots. While other British bookmakers then had attractive betting shops, Paddy Power offered relatability that made it very popular among the Irish locals.

Going Digital

Paddy Power was smart enough to be one of the first set of bookmakers that took a massive leap into online gaming in the year 2000 when they purchased Within a short while, they achieved more success through online gaming than they ever achieved through physical betting shops.

Paddy power attained success in online gaming by using the same old secret that made them a successful bookmaker, treating customers as top priorities. Paddy Power has kept on getting bigger since then, and now, it is one of the highest profit-making bookmakers. 



Pros Of Using Paddy Power

  1. Easy To Navigate: Paddy Power’s app is simple to use, and it gives you easy access to several betting options. Unlike some betting apps that are difficult to navigate, Paddy Power offers you the fluidity of opting from one game to another. You can easily switch from sports betting to casino betting.
  2. Live Streaming: Only a handful of betting sites provides customers with the opportunity of live streaming a match, and Paddy Power is one of them. This feature gives you the chance to place bets and follow up with the game for first-hand actions. It is also advantageous for people who like to place in-play bets, as they will know how the game is currently running before they place a bet.
  3. Fast Login Option: Using a paddy power app gives you an edge if you are one of the people who loathe having to log back into their account continuously before placing a bet, as you quickly gain access into your account using a 4-digit pin. This feature prevents you from having to type in your username and password all of the time.
  4. #WhatOddsPaddy: This option is one of the top features that distinguishes Paddy Power from other betting sites and makes most people choose it as their favourite site. #WhatOddsPaddy is an option that provides you with a list of different bets made by other punters.

It is perfect for people who love playing specific markets different from the regular and are not good enough or do not have the time to forecast such games. They can easily choose one from the #WhatOddsPaddy bets available.

  1. Paddy’s Reward Club: This feature is also another significant factor why people love to place their bets on Paddy Power. Paddy’s reward club offers a free £10 bet when you join. It also gives a power-up when you place five qualifying bets online. You can receive a bonus of up to £5 when you wager on any slots.

Other benefits of being a member of Paddy’s reward club include getting exclusive match screenings, live events, and so much more.