That time…


1. That time you forgot your own hat going to your riding lesson and had to wear the dodgy school skull cap with the riding centre’s initials Tippex’d on the back



2. That time someone offered you a lift to go to a show when you didn’t have your own transport, and your horse refused to get back into the box for an hour and a half on the way home


New-Rug 3. That time you splashed out on a new million denier super rip-stop medium weight rug and found it hanging in two halves in a tree the next day



4. That time you went hunting and thought you’d be fine in a snaffle



5. That time you were in a rush and your horse reconnected with nature in the field



6. That time you brought your new boyfriend up to meet your horse and it immediately sneezed in his face and stood on his foot


7. That time everyone you ever knew was watching your round and your experienced show-jumper regressed to “lightly backed and long-reined”



8. That time you shelled out for the professional show photo and when it arrived you looked at your own expression for the first time


9. That time you left your horse tied-up outside and unattended for a minute



10. That time you went to an equestrian warehouse sale and all you could afford was plaiting bands


11(a). That time you took your leg off and presumed they’d go for the short spot



miss 11(b). That time you put your leg on and presumed they’d go for the long spot

#you put your leg on and presumed they’d go for the long spot



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