Ask The Vet

Apologies, but our ‘ask the vet’ series is currently closed 🙂 

Veterinary medicine is progressing fast. New therapies, new drugs and new treatments are being unveiled at an increasingly rapid rate and while this is great news for our horses, their health and their soundness, it can be confusing for us horse owners.

But have no fear as Nikki Walshe – our veterinary expert from Greenmount Equine Hospital – is here to help.

Maybe you’ve heard about a fantastic new wonder drug? Or maybe you’re confused by the wide range of treatments suggested for a particular veterinary problem? Here’s your chance to find out the answers and put your mind to rest.

Simply email your equine veterinary question to and Nikki will give you all the insights.

Please note that our veterinary articles are written to give you insights and understanding of common equine veterinary problems and are not intended to take the place of a veterinary examination by your own vet. If in doubt, always call your own vet should your horse require attention. 



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