Four Historically Famous Horses

Seeing how far technology has come some would say that horses are a thing of the past, and they wouldn’t be entirely wrong. Tesla created the first electric car that is already in use and companies like Google are developing self-driving cars. Compared to them the horse seems like a relic used only as part of a coach that couples would hire to look romantic. So will this gentle, four legged creature be forgotten in the upcoming days of the inevitable future?

Some might argue that besides coaches, horse racing would be a way to preserve a specific use of horses. When you think of it, people used to relay on horses for years in the past, but now you have various methods of transportation, such as different models of cars, trains, planes, ships and many more. So instead of asking yourself if your horse was going to make it to the next town without rest, people today worry about the amount of gas in their vehicles, the way they’re shaped and how fast they can go. It’s a bit sad that we’ve forgotten so fast about these creatures that carried us on their backs and worry more about watching YouTube videos. In past days having a horse was just as important as clicking the click here button button after a successful registration.

In the past, horses weren’t just used as means of transportations. Special breeds were mighty battle steeds that commanders fiercely charged into enemy lines with. Some of them are quite famous even today. Here’s a list of some of those famous horses throughout history:

  1. Marengo

Napoleon Bonaparte was a French military general that left his mark on history. After planning his battles he would mount his trusty steed, Marengo and would rush into battle. Marengo was part of many famous battles including the famous Austerlitz and Waterloo battles and never left his master’s side. This war mount was capable of long-distance gallops. Unfortunately, he was captured at Waterloo by the English and brought back to the United Kingdom.

  1. Bucephalus

Another famous general was Alexander the Great. He conquered the known world (or what was considered the known world in his time). His horse Bucephalus is equally famous. It is said that he had a white star on its brow and, as the story goes, Alexander tamed him when nobody else could. He was part of many battles and it’s suspected that he died of injuries sustain in those battles.

  1. Comanche

Captain Myles Keogh rode this famous horse in many battles. Although Comanche sustained many injuries he managed to keep fighting. In 1876 both took part in the Battle of the Little Bighorn. Sadly, this was Captain Myles’ last battle but his horse managed to survive. Everyone else was killed, but Comanche was found two days later and became the only representative of that bloody tragedy.

  1. Copenhagen

This horse started out as a racing horse, but when his racing career was over he was bought by the Duke of Wellington in 1813. He survived the Battle of Waterloo and the Duke loved him so much that when the horse died, Copenhagen received a full military funeral.


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