Stop Horsing Around, Look After Your Skin

In Ireland, around 65% of people have a love-hate relationship with their skin according to new research launched by the Thérapie Clinic in their #LoveIrishSkin campaign. But, what better way to love your skin than to look after your it. Horse riding can bring different factors that affect your skin such as weather and allergies, which is why it’s important that riders keep their skin in good condition to avoid irritation and prolonged effects. Luckily, here are some easy, quick tips which can help you get your skin looking fresh and bright.

The Sun Never Stops Shining

If the sky is dull and the ground is muddy, it doesn’t mean that the sun isn’t  still shining. Horse riders are outside daily, riding, cleaning and caring for their horses and a common myth we believe is that we cannot get sun damage if there are clouds in the sky. Horse riding, which takes place near water and concrete can increase your exposure to the sun by reflecting around 90% of UV rays.Therefore, it is important to cover up, and wear organic sunscreen free from artificial fragrances, parabens, and harsh chemicals.

Furthermore, always wear a helmet with a brim to shield your face and keep you safe, and of course wear gloves, since the sun is responsible for 80% of premature ageing skin, and the hands are the first place we spot signs of ageing.

Understanding Your Skin Combination

The elements can be harsh; wind, rain, sun. But, the most common condition the elements create is dry skin, and battling with the wind while riding can make your skin look dry and chapped. However, one thing your skin always needs is hydration. The two most effective ways to hydrate your skin is to drink water and moisturise. When looking for an effective moisturiser, the fewer chemicals the better. Look for natural ingredients such as fruits, vegetables, herbs, and the skincare king – Alge. Acids are another great ingredient to look for in your skin care, such as Alguronic Acid and Hydrochloric Acid, and Vitamin E which firms the skin reduces wrinkles.

Keep Doing What You Love

By exercising and doing what you love, you reduces stress, increases your heart rate and increases your blood flow which can promote more youthful looking skin. After horse riding and getting your heart rate up it helps to bring the blood to the skin giving your face a fresh look. Sweat is also great for clearing the skin, according to Stacked Skin Care. It rids your body of toxins that can create blemishes, but always make sure to wash your face before and after you exercise, since leaving the toxins on the skin can lead to skin irritations.

Therefore, remember to look for organic products in your skin care that are safe for you, and cover up as much as you can to protect yourself from UV rays.


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