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In the field of Equine Transportation Kildare Horse Transport, or KHT to you and I might be the new kids on the mounting block….but they certainly haven’t been slow out of the starting gates by any means!

Derek O’Sullivan and Nina Vallee, a pair of horse mad enthusiasts started loaning their own horse box to friends and found themselves swamped with requests to rent, borrow or steal and decided to do something to fill the gaping hole in the market. Once they realised there were so many horse owners without transport, so many just looking to go to a show or an event but without the means to get there they set about creating a service that would provide affordable, reliable transport with top quality vehicles and all the techie frills a horse owner could only dream of until now.

Based in the heartland of all things equine, Co. Kildare, the demand grew at a phenomenal rate and before long they had no choice but to expand the fleet and staff to meet their expanding market. They bought a two horse lorry and began transporting horses and owners to shows, events, beach rides, you name it all over the country…in addition to renting out horse boxes and the truck for self drive. The little business had wheels and was motoring!!

The KHT team have one huge advantage on their side and that is their unwavering love of the industry and all things horsie. They have horses and ponies galore themselves and really understand their customers and more importantly their four legged customers. The term ‘Handle With Care’ couldn’t apply more. They pride themselves on detail and finishing touches. They couldn’t be more attentive and aware of their customer’s needs and have worked tirelessly at providing comfortable safe transport for every horse or pony in their care and towards providing 5 star customer service for their clients….the reviews that have been pouring in on their official fb page speak for themselves.


‘Thinking inside the box’ is both the company slogan and their philosophy. KHT have pioneered the next step in safety and monitoring with a technology they have aptly called ‘Box Vision’. This amazing piece of technology allows horse owners to monitor their pride and joy in transit on their own phone or tablet. The footage is crystal clear and customers can check in at intervals or watch the entire journey if so inclined. It gives customers peace of mind and has gone down a treat with everyone who has used it. In addition to this there are cameras on board feeding direct footage to the driver at all times also….there literally is no place to hide. So if you ever wished you could be a fly on the wall, now is your time!!

Cost is a huge factor in keeping horses as we all know only too well and KHT are aware of this too. The key to their business model has been providing a service that is both desirable but highly affordable at the same time. After all the bills are paid and horses are fed and happy in their stables…sometimes there isn’t a lot left in the kitty and transport can seem out of reach which gave the guys in KHT the idea that payment plans might work for some customers…and it certainly has! They offer payment plans to suit pretty much any budget and it has put smiles on many a face. Give them a call anytime to discuss what they can offer.

They recommend booking 2 weeks in advance if at all possible but their flexibility is fantastic and they will do their upmost to accommodate.

So if your horse needs to be somewhere any time soon, wants to be minded like a baby, likes to arrive in style with time to look the part…pass on the KHT number because 8 out 10 horses…..need I say more!

You will reach them on 087 152 7447 or find out more at or very soon at


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