Ravensdale Lodge results week ending March 27th 2016

SJI Registered Horse League Thursday March 24th March 2016 Week 7

80cm Class: Divided between: D. Larkin’s Broomfield Queen (Debbie Larkin) and I.Savage’s Brackenstown Billy (Isla Savage).
90cm Class: Divided between: E. Duggan’s Wannadou (Eileen Duggan) and E. Andrews’ Waggle Dance (Emma Andrews).
1m Class: Divided between: S.Heaney’s LCC Casey’s Cruise (Samantha Heaney), J.Downey’s Rockhill Lui (John Floody) L.Spratt’s Coolcoran Cool Imp (Lisa Spratt), P.Mullen’s Twofifty (Louise McEnteggart), R.Healy’s Patchwork Prince (Rachel Healy), M.Barrett’s DPB Guilty Vechta (Niamh Barrett), S.Heaney’s Lady Mumbai (Samantha Heaney), L.Patterson’s Cujo (Lynn Patterson) M.Quigley’s Castleroche Rebel (John Floody), K.Lynch’s (Con Kid Z (Karen Lynch), F.Sullivan’s The Sweeper (Fintan Sullivan), E.Andrews’ Waggle Dance (Emma Andrews ), S.Heaney’s Imperious (Samantha Heaney).
1m10 Class: C.Stewart’s Rum & Raisin (Rachel Brown),M.Quigley’s Castleroche Rebel, (John Floody) S.Heaney’s LCC Casey’s Cruise (Samantha Heaney), V.McKee’s Killen Cruise (Victoria McKee), J.Murphy’s Java’s Diva (Richard Wright) and C.Stewart’s Crafty Guy (Rachel Brown).
1.20m Class: J.Murphy’s Java Diva (Richard Wright).
1.30m Class: 1st P.McEneaney’s CMS Gunfire (Conor McEneaney) 2nd M.McAleese’s MCA McCool (John Floody).

Horse & Pony Training League Friday 25th March 2016 Week 6

60cm class: L.Neville’s Milky Bar Kid (Lisa Neville) (prize) and K.Creegan’s Gypsy (Katie Creegan).
70cm class: C.Brown’s Hector (Charlotte Brown), W.Byrne’s Dylan (Wendy Byrne), T.Harper’s Jessie (Tierna Harper), R.Hollywood’s Blitzen (Rosie Hollywood) (prize), T.Cardwell’s Tayto (Trevor Cardwell), D.McAteer’s Susie (Deirdre McAteer), R.Osborne’s Socky (Rory Osborne), J.Johnson’s Marchese Gemstone (Jessica Johnson).
80cm class: T.Harper’s Jessie (Tierna Harper), S.Young’s Jacobi (Sinead Young), J.Tiffin’s Lily (James Tiffin), J.Downey’s Nite Seal (John Downey) (prize), R.Osborne’s Socky (Rory Osborne), R.McKee’s Maverick (Robert McKee), T.Cardwell’s Tayto (Trevor Cardwell).
90cm class: S.Young’s Jacobi (Sinead Young), E.McCourt’s Tucker (Emily McCourt), Millie Bell’s Yoda (Millie Bell), G.McKay’s Susie (Gary McKay), O.McParland’s Woody (Orla McParland), A.O’Kane’s Jack (Aneka O’Kane) (prize), A.Rafferty’s Turbo (Andrew Rafferty).
1m class: M.Bell’s Yoda (Millie Bell), R.Dunne’s Zip (Rebecca Dunne) (prize).
1m10 class: No result.

Ravensdale Lodge SJI registered Horse League continues next Thursday 31st March with all classes from 80cm (m) to 1m30. Start time 11am. Weekly until Final Thursday 21st April 2016. Ravensdale Lodge Horse & Pony Training League Show continues next Friday 1st April with classes from x-poles to 1m10. Start time 5.30pm. Weekly until Final Friday 22nd April 2016. Dressage Day Sunday 3rd April – entries by Friday Ist April – see website for test details or contact office at (042) 9371034 mobile (087) 2306603.


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