Ravensdale Lodge SJI Spring Tour Results

Above: Presentation by Class Sponsor Val McCaul from to winner Jordan Coyle with Amigo VH Winkenshof Z

Saturday 27th February

90cm class: Divided between: J.McDowell’s Imp’s Girl (Mya McDowell), P.McEneaney’s Shanalux K (Conor McEneaney), P.Clarke’s Shannondale Jordi (Ausra Valuckyte), P.Murphy’s Lilux (Patrick Murphy), A.McParland’s Ferro’s Touch (Conor McEneaney)and C.Gibson’s Merlin’s Jengo (Conor McEneaney).
1m class: 1st M.Barrett’s Captain Becca (Niamh Barrett)37.05,2nd L.Kelly’s Donaghmore Dolly (Lynn Kelly)39.31,3rd R.Brown’s Cascum Kalel (Roslyn Brown)41.10, 4th P.Clarke’s Shannondale Jordi (Ausra Valuckyte)49.76,5th A.McKenna’s AHG Whiterock Ayl Dam (Aislinn McKenna)35.78,6th S.Lynch’s Clonross Razzmatazz (Sarah Steen) 40.10.
1m10 class: 1st P.McSorley’s Quarrycrest Clover (Megan McGrory) 33.56, 2nd J.Finnegan’s Tommie Girl (Jessica Finnegan) 36.24, 3rd S.Dunne’s Mouse C (Tara Dunne) 39.65, 4th C.Abbott’s Timpany Night (Clare Abbott) 43.99, 5th P.Clarke’s Oscar’s Peaches and Cream (Nicola Fitzgibbon) 52.43, 6th C.McKay’s Airlie Beach (Clare Abbott) 46.51.
1m20 class: 1st B.Murphy’s Carrenroe Limited Edition (Stephen Murphy) 39.33, 2nd S.Dunne’s Mouse C (Tara Dunne) 39.90, 3rd B.Murphy’s Chantelle (Stephen Murphy) 41.81, 4th M.Murphy’s Newmarket Oprah Jewel (Stephen Murphy) 44.31, 5th J.Murphy’s Rattling Carnsaggart (Richard Wright) 44.45 6th C.McKay’s Euro Prince (Clare Abbottt) 44.69. 1m30 class: 1st FT Showjumper’s FTS C’Mon Girl (Nicola Fitzgibbon) 37.91, 2nd J.Murphy’s Java’s True Colours (Richard Wright) 43.20, 3rd J.Murphy’s Elan HJB (Richard Wright) 45.82.

Sunday 28th February

1m class: 1st J.Watchorn’s Lisnakeern Flynn (Jill Watchorn) 40.27, 2nd M.Barrett’s Captain Becca (Niamh Barrett) 41.37, 3rd J.Bolger’s Bambi De La Bouverie (Aurore Vernors) 45.45, 4th G.Brennan’s Harley Maxx (Faye O’Connor) 44.53, 5th D.O’Shea’s Kinmar Night (Daniel O’Shea) 48.79.
1m.10 class: 1st Cunnngham Lodge Stud’s Drumneath Jack Jones (Emma Jackson) 38.27, 2nd M.Barrett’s Captain Becca (Niamh Barrett) 38.48, 3rd D.O’Shea’s Kinmar Night (Daniel O’Shea) 38.77, 4th S.Burns’ Foxy Finn (Sarah Burns)38.81, 5th V.Burns’ Rineen Supreme (Victoria Burns)43.19, 6th J.Doran’s Horseplay Diamond Matrix (Jenny Doran)43.20, 7th G.Scott’s Clonguish LuLu (Gwen Scott) 45.61, 8th J.Murphy’s Java’s Gold Rush (R.Wright) 48.17, 9th B.Logue’s Go Go (Ruairi Logue) 49.24, 10th J.Murphy’s Java’s Jonny Roo (Richard Wright) 49.35.
1m20 class: 1st A.Desmond’s Rollover (Ana Desmond) 36.21, 2nd M.Murphy’s Newmarket Oprah Jewel (Stephen Murphy)40.32, 3rd M.Allen’s Appletree Roo (Madeline Roberts Allen) 40.65, 4th Cunningham Lodge Stud’s Drumneath Jack Jones (Emma Jackson) 40.93,5th A.McCrea’s Bob (April McCrea) 40.98, 6th A.Desmond’s Liezel Lux (Ana Desmond)41.60, 7th T.Doyle’s BLM Authentic Diamond (Deirdre Doyle) 47.33, 8th M.Garrigan’s MHS La Scala (Luke Garrigan) 46.38, 9th D.Tracey’s Golden News (Darren Tracey)46.52, 10th J.Attley’s Shenick (John Floody) 46.61.
1m35 Spring Tour: 1st J.Maneely’s Amigo VH Winkenshof Z (Jordan Coyle) 37.14, 2nd P.Posnett’s Maxim Van Overis Z (Suzanne Posnett0) 39.93, 3rd K.Morgan’s Lyrical (Kenneth Graham) 40.66, 4th L.Johnston’s Democrat (Kenneth Graham)44.50, 5th O.McCamley’s Belle De Reve Z (Owen McCamley) 49.79, 6th B.Kieran’s HTS Blackrock (John Floody) 35.96, 7th M.Birch’s Mise Le Meas (John Floody) 39.42, 8th FT Showjumpers’ FTS C’mon Girl (Nicola Fitzgibbon) 42.37, 9th J.Murphy’s Java’s True Colours (Richard Wright)43.42, 10th B.Hardiman’s Queen 15 (Louis Gates-Hardiman).

The third leg of the Connolly’s Red Mills Spring Tour ran off successfully Sunday 28th February with the sunshine outdoors an added bonus greatly appreciated by the competitors and supporters. Jordan Coyle proved consistent with his second win of the league after his previous win at Cavan’s leg the week before on J.Maneely’s 9yo gelding Amigo VH Winkenshof Z in the Spring Tour 1.35m class kindly sponsored by at Ravensdale Lodge.

Ravensdale SJI Registered Indoor Horse & Pony Spring League Week 5 continues Thursday 3rd March Start time 11am Horses 80cm(m) – 1m30 and 5pm approx Ponies(all classes).
Ravensdale Friday Indoor Spring Training League Week 4 resumes Friday 4th March 2016) Start time 5.30pm Classes x-poles to 1m10.

1m20 class Sunday – Presentation by Class sponsor Aedi MCCaughey from McCaughey Service Station to winner Ana Desmond with Rollover


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