SJI Results Thursday 3rd March 2016 week 5

Horses – 80cm class:  Divided between D.Larkin’s Broomfield Queen (Debbie Larkin) and P.Richardson’s Zanadoo (Jane Richardson).

90cm class: J.Richarson’s Bright Like a Diamond (Jane Richardson).

1m class: Divided between M.Quigley’s Castleroche Rebel (John Floody), C.Rafferty’s Lehmann (John Rafferty), and P.Twaddell’s Cavalier Cruise C (Pauline Twaddell).

1m10 class: No clear rounds.

1m20 class: Divided between J.Murphy’s Appollo Blu X (Richard Wright), J.Murphy’s Baracuda X (Richard Wright), C.Craig’s Craigmanus Hold Up Diamond (John Floody), M.McAleese’s MCA McCool (John Floody), J.Murphy’s Rattling Carnsaggart (Richard Wright) and M.McDermott’s Hi Dude (John Floody).

1m30 class: M.McDermott’s Hi Dude (John Floody) (36.53)

Ponies – 128 80cm class: L.McElroy’s Back to Black (Teaghan Burns).

138 90cm: L.Moore’s Phineas Flynn (Sarah Moore).

138 1m: 1st  R.McKee’s Glascoune Sweeper (Rachel McKee) 37.64 and 2nd L.Moore’s Seapatrick Make a Move (Sarah Moore) 41.83.

148 1m10 class:1st C.McAlpine’s Loughatousa Ron (Hugo McAlpine) 36.19, 2nd W.Greene’s Acorn’s Bobby (Hannah Agnew) and 3rd R.McKee’s Sahara Storm (Melissa McKee)41.22

148 120class: C.McAlpine’s Loughnatousa Ron (Hugo McAlpine) 38.34

Horse & Pony Training Results  Friday 4th March 2016 Week 4

X-poles class:  P.Creegan’s Gypsy (Katie Creegan).

60cm class: A.Kirwan’s China Girl (Aisling Kirwan) and P.Creegan’s(Gypsy (Katie Creegan).

70cm class: W.Byrne’s Dylan (Wendy Byrne).

80cm class: S.McKinley’s Sally Star (Shea McKinley), S.Young’s Jacobi (Sinead Young), N.Morgan’s Phoenix (N.Morgan), T.Harper’s Jessie (Tierna Harper) S.Dillon’s Rickamore Ryan (Sophie Dillon) and E.Dolan’s Really Russell (Ellen Dolan).

90cm class: K.O’Hare’s Star (Karina O’Hare).

1mclass: G.Kirkwood’s Tia Maria (Georgia Kirkwood) and BLS Linvara (Conal McGrath).

Ravensdale SJI Registered Indoor Horse & Pony Spring League Week 6 continues Thursday 3rd March Start time 11am Horses 80cm(m) – 1m30 and 5pm approx Ponies(all classes).   (Reminder no show March 17th)

Ravensdale Friday Indoor Spring Training League Week 5 resumes Friday 4th March 2016) Start time 5.30pm Classes x-poles to 1m10.  (Reminder no show March 18th.)


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