Ravensdale SJI Registered Indoor Spring League Horse Results 1st Feb

80cm Class – double clears: P.Richardson’s Zanadoo (Jane Richardson), R.Kenny’s Lurgan Green (Robert Kenny) and S.Richardson’s Ballinteskin Superstition (Sarah Richardson).

90cm Class –  double clears: M.Barnford’s Rivero (Ashlee Ervine) and J.Richarson’s Bright Like A Diamond (Jane Richardson).

1m Class – double clears: D.Scully’s Iroko’s Finest (Sean McGee), S.Cluskey’s Commanche Rose (Sara Cluskey), A.Bailey’s Callie Lus Z (Alex Bailey) and C.Melia’s Guidam De Messitort (Conor Melia).

1m10 Class – double clears: D.Scully’s Iroko’s Finest (Sean McGee) and J.Houston’s Butuela (Charlotte Houston).

1m20 Class – double clears: T.Woods’ Without Permission (Zoe Woods), J.Houston’s Butuela (Charlottte Houston), T.Woods’ Kilronan Chin (Zoe Woods) and B.McCormack’s Armani Velvet (Barry McCormack).

SJI Registered Indoor Spring League – Pony Results

128 80cm class divided between C.Gibson’s Nely Done That (Annie Gibson), C.Sloan’s Kofi Kingston (Eva Sloan) and C.Gibson’s Expresson (Annie Gibson).

128 90cm class 1st J.Clarke’s Lenamore Mini Metro (Maeve Clarke), 2nd C.Gibson’s Expresso (Annie Gibson) and3rd C.Sloan’s Kofi Kingston (Eva Sloan)

128 Im Class – 1st J.Clarke’s Alloy (Maeve Clarke) and 2nd J.Clarke’s Lenamore Mini Metro (Maeve Clarke).

138 90cm Class – divided between D.Leayhem’s Wilson (Simone Leayhem) and S.Moore’s My Little Ruby (Jessica Moore.)

138 1m Class – 1st J.Clarke’s Mulvin Rollover (Ruairi Clarke) and 2nd P.McAulfield’s Olympus Star (Angela McAulfield).

138 1m10 Class- J.Clarke’s Mulvin Rollover (Ruairi Clarke).

148 90cm Class – divided between S.Moore’s Madges Lane Larry (Jessica Moore), P.McAulfield’s Lahinch Katie (Angela McAulfield and S.Moore’s Glenalousk Flash Bandit (Jessica Moore).

148 1m Class – T.Howell’s Essenar Luizza (Cerys Howell).

148 1m10 Class – 1st G.Kerr’s Pauldary’s Pocket Rocket (Kerrie Kerr) and 2nd T.Webb’s Future Lady (Carl Webb).

148 1m20 Class – J.Clarke’s Knockroe Little Mike (Ruairi Clarke).


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