Top 6 Horsey ideas for Christmas

Whether you’re a Christmas fanatic or have a bit of the ‘bah-humbugs’ about you, there’s no escaping the fact that the ‘Christmas season’ seems to get earlier and earlier each year and is now most certainly ‘upon us’!

This extended Christmas season offers endless opportunities to shop and socialise for the Christmas fantatics among you, or to sigh and scowl for the ‘bah-humbugers’…. If that is even a word? As someone who alternates randomly between the two states depending on mood, weather conditions and bank balance, I suppose I’ve deserved to be called worse during my anti-festive mood swings.

But there’s one thing about Christmas that even the Christmas Grinch has to admit to enjoying and that is presents. Whether giving or receiving, both verbs can bring a warm, fuzzy feeling over us – the joy of receiving something unexpected and appreciated (or something with a gift receipt if it falls somewhat short). And the sense of accomplishment when presenting a loved one with a precious gift that shows just what they mean to you (or something ‘useful’ that they will undoubtedly never use, but that you can then lord over them for ever after with chimes of ‘what’s the point – you never used that Asparagus Peeler that I bought you 5 Christmases ago’…and I’m speaking from experience here!).

With Christmas now less than 4 weeks away, some may think us a little late to Christmas gift suggestions party. But, we firmly believe that there’s still PLENTY of time to get organised for Christmas. We ignored the whole Black Friday commotion intentionally… probably a bit of a bah-humbug week. But when did Black Friday become such a massive event in Ireland?? As a business person I love the sentiment – great offers, buy now and buy quick, making the most of impulse buys. As a business philosophy, however, I’d rather a more long-term value perspective – great products that you want, offering great value and some really cool extras. Always.

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So here are just a few horsey gift ideas from HorsePlay that we hope might help bring a bit of inspiration to your shopping this Christmas…and remember lads, with a true horsey lass you just can’t really go wrong with horsey gear.

  1. Stuff from the HorsePlay shop…You may think I’m biased in starting off with this (and I probably am), but there are a huge amount of really, really fab Christmas gift ideas in the HorsePlay shop. Maybe a stunning Mackey Legends bridle? Or a super cool Weatherbeeta Parka for the pooch in your life (ok, not horsey as the title of this blog post implies, but most of us horsey folk have dogs, right?). Or simply browse the wide selection of gifts that are just what they say on the tin…great gift ideas. I mean, who doesn’t know someone that would just LOVE a Thelwell Calendar? When you shop in the HorsePlay shop you also earn HorsePlay reward points, which you can then redeem against free horsey rewards. This means there’s a little something extra for you with everything you buy!
  2. For something really special for someone totally in love with horses, check out the Gemosi horse hair jewellery collection. Each piece is hand-made in Ireland from your own horse’s tail hair and really is a gift to be treasured. Gemosi have joined our HorsePlay reward scheme, so by shopping with HorsePlay you could get a free voucher towards a piece from Gemosi!
  3. Faith Bailey is a supremely talented Irish equestrian artist. She really captures the life and soul of an animal and a drawing by Faith is something to be treasured forever. I have a piece by Faith hanging in my office of a beloved horse whom I sold last year. She’s captured her spirit perfectly and it brings back such lovely memories.
  4. I came across Simple Stocks recently as they’re hand-made by a fellow horse lover who’s also based in Dublin. In the Simple Stocks collection Jane has created a range of pre-tied, untied and bib stocks and also offers a bespoke service. Definitely worth a look up.
  5. For competitors… how about spotting a friend their Showjumping Ireland, Dressage Ireland, Eventing Ireland or AIRC membership for the coming year? Eventing Ireland do have gift vouchers available and some of the other associations may also be so commercially inclined. It may not be the most romantic gift, but for horsey competitors it’d be a really useful present that’s bound to be appreciated!
  6. A voucher for a ride out at The Field Equestrian Centre! If I’m being honest, I wasn’t actually aware of The Field EC before I read the first blog post by our fab HorsePlay blogger – Camilla Speirs. But having read a bit about what they can offer, we think a voucher for a school there is a great idea! And it’s definitely on our list of things to do once the weather improves. I’m actually not sure if they offer vouchers, but from what I’ve heard so far they’re lovely people and are bound to be of assistance if you are interested!

We realised recently that we forgot one thing on the list that is another mega great idea for a Christmas present for the horse lover in your life – Tickets to the Dublin Horse Show! It’s our favourite event of the year and the dates are already blacked out in our calendar. And tickets are on sale now!

Onwards and upwards into December and on to Christmas. And from there, spring isn’t that far away.

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