Week ending 29th November 2015 results Ravensdale Lodge Equestrian & Event Centre

With two weeks remaining of the 2015 season at Ravensdale Lodge, show organisers are putting the finishing touches to the new season schedules and the final show of the year, the annual “Bumper” Christmas show which will be held on Sunday 27th December. In the meantime there are two weeks of autumn / winter indoor leagues to run before this popular Grand Prix show for leisure riders.  Indoor leagues continue at Ravensdale Lodge this week with SJI registered indoor jumping for horses on Thursday with six modified classes from 80cm to 1.30m and this show has a start time of 11am. Indoor horse & pony training  league continues on Friday evening from 5.30pm with the usual classes from X poles to 1.10m while indoor arena eventing takes centre stage on Saturday from 2pm for the 70cm class followed by the 85cm class (not before 3pm) and the 1m class (not before 4pm). The finals of all three leagues will be held the following week and competitors are reminded that anyone can jump in these finals however only qualified combinations will be eligible to jump for prizes in finals. Results from all of last week’s competitions and full details of all forthcoming shows & events can be found on the centres website or facebook page.

SJI registered indoor horse league Thursday 26th November.

80cm class: S. Byrne’s Princess Guidam (K. Byrne).

90cm class, divided between: Holly Mc Gahan’s Mr Reidi (H. Mc Gahan), T. Carragher’s Watchful Eye (H. Joyce), Evan Hobson’s Promise Me (E. Hobson) & S. Byrne’s Princess Guidam (K. Byrne).

1m class, divided between: James Kiernan’s Auoras Diamond (E. Yamabe), John Floody’s ICB Arkensas Expression (K. Lynch), Lynn Patterson’s Cujo (L. Patterson), Judy Murphy’s Barracuda Ex (R. Wright), D. Rice’s Premier Rose (E. Yamabe), Darragh Mc Mahon’s Sunnyside Boy (D. Mc Mahon) & Joanne Jarden’s Some Shine (J. Jarden).

1.10m class, divided between: Louise Halford’s Albert V (L. Halford), Joanne Jarden’s BT Upmarket (J. Jarden), Kieran King’s Mrs King (J. Floody), Darragh Mc Mahon’s Sunnyside Boy (D. Mc Mahon), Joanne Jarden’s MJI Wendy (J. Jarden), S. Duffy’s Van Clover (H. Joyce), James Kernan’s Auroras Diamond (E. Yamabe), Eileen Duggan’s Libero Flight (J. Floody) & Judy Murphy’s Java’s Keltic Song (R. Wright).

1.20m class, divided between: Michael Mc Aleese’s MCA  Mc Cool (J. Floody), Louise Halford’s Albert V (L. Halford), Kieran King’s Mrs King (J. Floody) & Kieran King’s Kings Best (J. Floody).

1.30m class: # 1 Kieran King’s Kings Best (J. Floody), # 2 Michael Mc Aleese’s MCA Mc Cool (J. Floody) & # 3 Owen Mc Camley’s Belle De Reve Z (O. Mc Camley).

SJI registered indoor horse league continues Thursday 3rd & 10th December (final). Modified classes from 80cm to 1.30m, start time 11am.


Indoor horse & pony training league Friday 27th November.

 X poles, divided between: Alex Best’s Dolly (A. Best), Eoin Mc Enaney’s Harriett (E. Mc Enaney) & Kayleigh Forrester’s Sonny (K. Forrester).

60cm class: Kayleigh Forrester’s Sonny (K. Nulty).

70cm class, divided between: Clara Ewings’ Major Ben (C. Ewings), Orlagh Mc Parland’s Mayday (O. Mc Parland), Gina Mc Donald’s Stella (G. Mc Donald) & Solina O’ Brien’s Basil (S. O’ Brien).

80cm class, divided between: Ravensdale Lodge’s CD (A. Murphy), Clara Ewings’ Major Ben (C. Ewings), Sinead Young’s Jacobi (S. Young)  & Catherine Mc Cleland’s Starlight (C. Mc Cleland).

90cm class, divided between: Katelyn King’s Heather (K. King) & Claire Murtagh’s Driftwood (C. Murtagh).

1m class, divided between: Melissa Mc Kee’s Dolly (M. Mc Kee), Katelyn King’s Heather (K. King), Robert Mc Kee’s Jasper (R. Mc Kee) & Joe Haffey’s John L (J. Haffey).

Indoor horse & pony training league continues Friday 4th & 11thDecember (final). Classes from X poles to 1.10m, start time 5.30pm.


Indoor arena eventing league Saturday 28th November.

70cm class: # 1 divided between, Charlotte Brown’s Hector (C. Brown), James Hynds’ Gingernut (J. Hynds) & Ron Schaefer’s Buffy (R. Schaefer), # 2 divided between, Jonny Mulligan’s Jaeger (J. Mulligan), Nadine Gormley’s Archie (N. Gormley) & Rachel Salter’s Ruby (R. Salter) & # 3 divided between, Claire Smyth’s Tilly (C. Smyth) & Charlotte Brown’s Sundance (C. Brown).

85cm class: # 1 Chloe Lister-Tinsley’s Ollie (C. Lister-Tinsley), Lisa Torrens’ Catalina Island (L. Torrens), Will Glendenning’s Out Of The Blue (W. Glendenning), John Downey’s Nite Seal (J. Downey), John Downey’s Rockhill Lui (G. Mc Kay), Carly Greene’s Buddy Blue (C. Greene), Victoria Craig’s Rocky (V. Craig) & Lauren Gormley’s Barney (L. Gormley), # 2 divided between, Jonny Mulligan’s Jeremy (J. Mulligan) & Janet Cooke’s Louis Two Tone (J. Cooke) & # 3 Rachel Salter’s Ruby (R. Salter).

1m class: # 1Ron Schaefer’s Big Adventure (R. Schaefer), # 2 divided between, Chloe Lister-Tinsley’s Rocky (C. Lister-Tinsley) & Will Glendenning’s Out Of The Blue (W. Glendenning) &  # 3 Victoria Craig’s Rocky (V. Craig).

Indoor arena eventing league continues Saturday 5th & 12th December (final). Start time of 2pm for 70cm class followed by the 85cm class (not before 3pm) & the 1m class (not before 4pm).


Ravensdale Lodge offers world-class facilities at unbeatable value for money. For further information on these or any forthcoming shows / events, tuition, treks / hacks, facility hire, advertising or sponsorship opportunities please contact Ravensdale Lodge on + 353 (0) 42 9371034, + 353 (0) 87 2306603, email, log on to, follows on facebook or twitter.


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